Annapurna Circuit Day 7: Menang to Shree Kharka

A fairly easy start today, up at 7am for a start at 8am. Breakfast was the “Simple Breakfast” which consisted of poached eggs, Tibetan bread and fried potatoes.

The walk started up the main street of Menang and exited the town through a few stupors with prayer wheels. Quickly, we joined a dusty road, which we followed for a few undulating km, gradually rising.

Fairly soon we turned right up a steep track that zig zagged through the brush land towards our destination, which we could see in the distance up the valley, glinting in the sun.

The dust was intense and the heat fierce as we continued up the track with very little wind.

The track eventually stopped rising and began to follow the contours of the valley side before dropping steeply for a few metres to pass over a stream. After the stream the path rose steeply into the village and up to our final destination.

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