Annapurna Circuit Day 2: Taal To Temang

Today started at a much more relaxed 7am with a wake up call from Raj, our guide. We packed our stuff up and met the rest of the team for breakfast.
Tibetan bread and honey did the job for me today, with Nicki having Porridge with apple. Both were super filling and tasty.
After a short briefing we picked up our bags, gave the larger bags to our porters, who are the stars of the show and carry the most unbelievable loads, and headed out.

The path generally follows the river, up the valley

The day starts with a walk up a gravel riverbank before climbing along dusty tracks with the odd off road vehicle passing. We walked past waterfalls and bridges as the trail generally follows the shape of the valley, moving up the river.

The path clips steeply in places

At our first coffee break we had to make a choice, decide to stop at the original destination, or push on and give ourselves more time to explore tomorrow. As everyone was in high spirits we chose to push on.
The rest of the walk was steep and passed through dense forest up to our final destination in Temang.
Temang is a small village with some interesting features, notable a huge satellite dish that looks like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie. Also of interest are the super friendly cows that you can hear moving around from the alpine cow bells hung around their neck.

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