Base Camp. Day 6, Tengboche to Dingboche

The day starts, as many have at 7 for breakfast, then we left Tengboche along a fairly easy, but again very dusty, track that wound its way through a wooded area, passing various shrines, prayer flags and carvings along the way. The route at this point is predominantly flat, with maybe a slight rise until you reach the river where it dips down to cross another steel rope bridge.

At this point we chose to stop for lunch at the Annapurna Fast Food Kitchen. I think the fast might be ironic, but the food tastes good.

After lunch the trail continues steadily upwards through the wooded area, dodging yak trains as before, until, as you round a corner, the trees all disappear and you’re left with a lunar landscape but breathtaking views across a wide open valley floor. The path becomes quite hard to follow here, luckily our guides are very well practiced over this area of the trail and led us across the plains towards a Stupa, which marked our final destination, Dingboche.

Dingboche is much larger then Tengboche, but it seems the town planners had taken a holiday when it was built. It’s seems to be impossible to get into the town from our Teahouse, Good Luck Hotel, without travelling all the way back to the Stupa and then back up the central corridor.

The temperature noticeably drops here once the sun disappears and the winds pick up. If you find yourself here remember to pack a lot of warm clothing. On the plus side, the tea house is comfortable, as far as they go with a TV that shows movies and documentaries in the afternoon. However, the fire isn’t lit until quite late so you have to sit in all of your layers!

Also of note is that there are showers here, chargeable as always. It was 500 rupees when we were here but the showers work well and are clean.

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