Portra 160 on Medium Format

After hearing about the new Kodak Portra film, and how it is the best thing ever to happen to photography, I decided to try some in my new camera, a Bronica ETRS (more on that in a future article). The Bronica takes 60x45mm images on 120 roll film, so is a medium format camera. 

I ran two rolls through the camera on Sunday with my favourite model (and girlfriend) Nicki. All I can say is “wow”. The reputation is well deserved. Colours are reproduced in a very realistic and pleasing way and the exposure latitude is excellent. Take the following example, the model is in dark shadow (a band stand) and the background is bright sunshine. There is excellent detail in both the shadows and the highlights. 

Another sample showing the range of colour reproduction. 

Again, note the level of detail present in the image under pretty difficult lighting conditions and hard contrast. Under these lighting conditions grain is essentially non-existent. 

I’m going to try using this film under some more favourable lighting conditions soon. I’ve also got the 400 ISO version to try, as well as some 35mm 160 ISO. I’ll report back soon. 

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